Session 4 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

With the smell of death still strong in their nostrils, the adventurers continued their journey to flee the Undercrypt. Unfortunately, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle stood astride their path: a room that Hadari and Weiss could not force themselves to enter. It smelled of blood and fear, and Hadari’s ranger sense told him the exit was guarded by a dragon. What could the group do when faced with such a beast? They explored all other options before decided their next move.

The only chamber unsearched in the Undercrypt held only dusty books and a closed chest. Usk being curious as he was attempted to open the chest only for the adventurers to discover a creature from story: the chest was, in fact, a mimic waiting in ambush. As the creature began to devour the hexblade, his compatriots sprang into action and entered the battle. Battle is a paltry word for what happened next, however, as Hadari and Gentle River ended the vile thing’s life with a pair of arrows. Inside its gullet, they found a small crown, two ruby rings, and a bag that is bigger on the inside. Who knows what other wonders exist in this eldritch tomb?

They returned to the hallway outside the exit chamber with fear in their hearts and mimic slime on their hands. There was evidence nearby that orc followers of Gruumsh may have met their demise at the hands of the dragon within the next room. These once brave travelers did not know what their fates would be should they go into the next room, but spending the remainder of their lives down in the dark was no option at all. Korvel, battlemaster and captain, lead the band forward into blood and darkness.

Dragons are as terrifying and awe-inspiring as any story says. The enormous body of the blue dragon Damcairus blocked any exit from the Undercrypt as the group waded into a pool of the last creatures that dared confront him.Damcairus was impressed by the respect and courage shown by Korvel, the only one who could muster the spirit to remain face to face with the immensity of the wyrm. In return for their solemn word to never speak of his presence, the adventurers were taken to the exit and allowed to finally escape the shadowy confines of the Underdark.

As the sun rose in the east, the group breathed the clear air of the surface once again. In the distance, a metropolis expanded into the horizon at the base of a smoking mountain. Wherever in the world they were, at least they were alive.

Notes from a journal
“I have never known such fear as when faced with the might of a dragon in the fullness of his power. As I stood there, his baleful eye upon us, I knew how the mouse feels as the falcon dives. Even as I walked to freedom, the sun on my back and the wind on my face, I was still there before him, waiting for death. I will always be there.”

Gentle River, the tabaxi thief.
Hadari, the elven gloom stalker
Korvel. the human battle master.
Krend. the human berserker.
Usk. the lizardfolk hexblade.ABSENT
Weiss. the aasimar death priest