In Followers, the adventurers stood over the bodies of the fallen assassins, wondering what came next. The inn workers looked on with trepidation, hoping the danger had passed. At the party’s call, they began the work of dislodging the gold floor to pay for repair of the inn.

Torin Nevarin, clad in his new skin, wrapped his outsized clothes around himself and left the inn, wanting to be alone as he dealt with the changes he must face. He hid away in his room at another fancier resting place, though what he did in the dark of night, no one knows.

The war-wives congratulated the group on a well-earned victory. They knew the men, hardened killers all. Grix, Isho, and em-Wazir, members of the Adventurer’s Guild in Vrun to the west. 

The trio of wizards recently took down a blue dragon near that city, though it was far from its normal territory. Something seems to be provoking dragons to leave their normal hunting grounds. 

The group portioned up the spoils of battle and retires to rest and tended their wounds. They all faced death.. 

A proclamation from the Court of Exalts ruffled their feathers as it seemed the hardliners within the church have grown tired of those who will not worship their new gods. Several townsfolk have been flogged and placed on display as examples.

The course of the next week saw the characters preparing themselves for the trials ahead; meditating on runes of prophecy, learning new spells, communing with ancient blades. 

Rellick learned that he must travel to the elven lands of Emais Dumnoi if he wishes to become one with the moonblade of his ancestors. 

Lucan Stormcaller wished to investigate the fate of his fallen House, the lands of which are north along the rarely used road to the elven forests.

Eventually, they left their lairs and went about Kirgeld, buying wares or speaking to contacts.Rellick spoke to the Baron about this new move from the church, to which the Baron replied that he could do little to stop this new zeal. He was already doing everything he could to slow the advance of a church only nominally participated in. It was perhaps this lack of belief, and other words spoken in anger, that keeps him Baron of Kirgeld and not Duke in truth.

While searching the body of the assassin em-Wazir, Lucan Stormcaller uncovered a letter in a hidden pocket. The letter, marked with King Theodric’s personal seal, mentioned several plots ongoing, including that he ordered the death of Torin Nevarin. It also mentioned the Lady Korvella, of Tevish, and someone by the name of Redbeard. 

“After you dealt with the Nevarin whelp, find Lady Korvella and remind her what my displeasure feels like. I will not have my orders ignored. If any of these noble fools let slip the true nature of my plans, I will have you skin them alive in front of their children.

Also, send word to your brothers in the West to watch our borders. Redbeard’s men will be moving that way soon enough, I don’t want him to feel welcome in the outlands. (stamped with symbol of a bull and nine stars)” 

Rellick again met with Lord Jevra, Baron of Kirgeld, and told him of the information recovered. The situation seemed grim. The Baron asked if the group had any further information they had at their disposal, any evidence that may indicate why Torin and the group was targeted by King Theodric. The group searched through a neglected satchel of maps and charts and discovered a torn note, seemingly written in the king’s own hand:

Press them and find what I need. When I send more subjects, treat them with all the respect they deserve. I must have the components necessary for the Great Work. You cannot be killed, but I can deliver you to a fate worse than death.

The group conferred, trying to decide what the next best course of action would be. 

They were faced with several trials ahead of them: 

  1. The new restriction put in place by the Court of Exalts will make it increasingly hard to stay clear of church entanglements
  2. The machinations of King Theodric are mostly unknown, and his power is widespread
  3. Rellick is distracted by some deeper trouble he goes through, though he seems close-mouthed
  4. Torin is still dealing with the repercussions of death and his return in new flesh.
  5. Lucan is especially troubled by this new religious intolerance and wonders what impact this will have on his quest to reclaim his birthright.