Session 9 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

The group found themselves summoned to appear before Trent, Master Smith of the Grand. Meanwhile, Gentle River operated on her own to figure out more about the mysterious “Tricktail.”

In the volcano fortress of the Garricks, the adventurers come face to face with the leadership of the mysterious company in the form of a snarky gnome named Isa Garrick. As Trent and Seryna look on in irritation, the adventurers agree to help the Garricks deal with their vampire problem. Unfortunately, none of them even know what a vampire is and none of their employers seem willing or able to give them an explanation. Nothing is ever easy for vagabonds with a talent for trouble. But, they were promised safe passage from the city to elsewhere were they to complete this mission, and who wouldn’t want to leave this weird city full of gnomes?

The Garricks had information that the vampire nest was somewhere to the south, and so Isa sent a halfling named Switch to scout the area. She would return in a day with a proper route for the adventurers to follow, and then they could get their job underway. The only other information the group had to work with in their quest for how to kill a vampire was that celestial energy was particularly effective. It was decided that Dr. Weiss would most likely be the best weapon against this creature.

River spent her time looking for information on the people working against her personally, but also for ways to find and kill vampires. In her meandering, she met up with a figure from her past; a fellow by the name of Cedric. Their connection was still emotional, and Cedric informed her that a bounty was placed on her head, and that “he” knew River was still alive. He gave her a large knife as a gift. River’s research into vampires, or “nightwalkers,” did yield some interesting facts; they did not like magic or sunlight, and the creature’s bite was one of its most dangerous attacks. Once she returned to her room, she had a vision of a one-eyed Tabaxi who gave her a fright. She was obviously rattled by the events of the day.

The group argued about the best way to accomplish their mission. They did that a lot.

Notes from a journal:
“While I have no love of gnomes, I cannot stand idly by while some creature makes meals of them in the night. As much as I would love to spend my days relaxing in the Drunken Stump and getting into fights with brainless half-orcs, I must motivate my traveling companions into finding these “vampires” and destroying them before they kill anymore citizens of the Grand. Maybe then I can begin to silence the voices of the dead that haunt me so.”

Gentle River, tabaxi thief
Guinnein, human warlock
Hadari, elven gloomstalker
Korvel, human battle master
Krend, human berserker
Weiss, aasimar grave cleric