Session 3 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

As the adventurers trekked their way ever closer to an exit from this foreboding place, they stumbled across a trap created by whomever crafted the Undercrypt. The white and black tiled expanse they passed earlier was, in fact, a puzzle most dangerous. Through trial and error (a lot of error), the explorers managed to drag their abused bodies over the trapped tiles and make it to the other side. They discovered there a campsite that once hosted several large individuals. Their identity remains unknown.

Gentle River and Hadari proved their worth time and time again scouting the dark passages. A torture chamber filled with tools of a vile beholder’s pleasures sits unused for decades. Ahead, voices in the shadows. An enormous figure twice the size of an average human walks back and forth muttering in the tunnels. In an effort to find Hadari’s lost companions, the group engages the creature in combat. Though it is fierce and strong, it is defeated through a combination of steel and magic. Usk proves himself once again to be a capable combatant.

In the end, the fate of the Gloomstalkers of the City of the Wind is a grisly one. The remnants of Hadari’s band littered the ground of the creatures abode. All that was left for Hadari to do was retrieve their badges of rank and carry on toward the exit. The promise of sun and fresh air was closer than ever, but at what cost?

Notes from a journal:
“My heart hurts for our new found friend, Hadari. When we entered what we thought the beast’s chamber, we found a larder; an entire unit of soldiers slaughtered like meat. The sight brought back memories best left behind. What makes me different from this beast after what I’ve done?”

Gentle River, the tabaxi thief.
Hadari, the elven gloom stalker
Korvel the human battle master.
Krend the human berserker.
Usk the lizardfolk hexblade.
Weiss the aasimar death priest