Session 7 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

With Usk in gnome custody and Weiss indisposed, it was a lonely group of 4 adventurers who woke to another day in The Grand. After their run-in with Trent, Master Smith of the Garricks, Korvel and Krend were keen on staying out of sight, but there was a problem. They all needed money. With that in mind, Krend hit the streets to find out as much information as possible on the beast they had agreed to hunt and kill; the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But before the hunt could begin, Krend had a problem to solve in Summer Morne, dumb as a horse and twice as strong. There was a fist fight with no winner and the start of an epic bar brawl that eventually cleared the Drunken Stump of patrons and intact stools.

Krend came up with the idea that they could attempt to poison the dinosaur, thereby weakening it before killing it in battle. His attempts were met with confusion by some, but he eventually procured a vial of acid from a medical supply merchant. He did not quite know what to do with it, other than throw it into the beast’s maw.

In a private moment in his room at the Sleep Inn, Korvel and Gentle River exchanged curios. Korvel showed her his nobleman’s signet ring. She showed him her necklace. They’ve bonded.

Together, the group went to the headquarters of the Garricks to secure permission to leave the city and hunt down the beast. It was there they finally met Sarinna, ash-faced elven smith and the person for whom the T-Rex was destined. After some discussion, Sarinna agreed to speak with Trent while the group left the city on their hunt for dinosaur blood.

And so, 4 adventurers and a mad half-orc traveled into the wilderness with few skills and much daring to defeat the king in his castle. It was a combination of keen eyes and good instincts that finally put the foursome onto the trail of the massive dinosaur. The battle was on as Summer charged forth to meet the beast. He was devoured almost instantly, hair to heels.The adventurers rushed to his aid in the hope that they could pull him from beast’s belly before too much damage was done. Hadari’s arrows struck true and Korvel slashed the thing to ribbons, but not before it also swallowed Krend. Luckily for Krend and Summer both, the others slew the tyrannosaurus before they were killed. Now, to bring the requisite dinosaur bits back to town and gain their reward.

Notes from a journal
“I’ve never been inside a living animal before, and I dare say that the experience was not nearly as unpleasant as I would have imagined. There is a certain…primordial feeling to being digested alive. It brings to mind something of what it must have been like in my mother’s belly. Still, I do not wish to repeat the process. I hope the blasted beast’s corpse does not go to waste. The thought of all that meat left to scavengers and us paying for food in the Grand is disappointing.”

Gentle River, the tabaxi thief.
Hadari, the elven gloom stalker
Korvel the human battle master.
Krend the human berserker.
Usk the lizardfolk hexblade. ABSENT
Weiss the aasimar death priest ABSENT