Session 11 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

At the opening of the tunnels, nature began to reclaim what man built so long ago. As the wyvern corpse bled behind them, the darkness stretched into the earth ahead of them. On the walls and floors, there were discolorations of suspicious provenance.  Foot by nerve-wracking foot, they crept through the tunnels checking for traps and the sounds of ambush.

Like common burglars, they broke open the moisture-swollen doors and made their way into the complex proper. A mysterious sight: in red paint scrawled on the wall in Draconic script. “This paladin is dead.” At their feet, there was a puzzle. Small holes in the stone, under which rested only the gods knew what. Traps. Monsters. Spells to harrow the soul.

Instead, however, they found a wooden chest filled with coin. The stone walls around them pulsed with pink light as Guinnein watched over Gentle River’s shoulder as she placed the bags onto the floor. A quick estimate of their value brought realization: they were rich.

Krend moved forward, unconcerned with the treasure: he knew that his companions would sort out the split. He was more worried about the prospect of sneak attack from the shadows. There were no vampires to be found in this warren of tunnels and that made Krend suspicious. He would not have to wait long for an introduction. The next room proved to be a lair of some kind, as one of the creatures leapt from the ceiling onto Krend’s back, its teeth sinking into the meat of his neck and drawing blood. Krend could feel his life being drained out in gulps. Fortunately for Krend, his companions heard his grunts of pain and sprang to action from the last chamber.

They got their first look at the creatures they faced: gray skin, rags for clothes, and long, dirty nails.

The action was bloody and fast as another vampire sprang from the shadows to attack Gentle River as she entered the room. Weiss’ skeleton, Krend, and River formed the front line of combat as Guinnein, Korvel, and Weiss himself attacked from behind them. Guinnein, still somewhat of a mystery to the others, showed his value in combat with powerful magic. They all quickly learned a valuable lesson about their opponents: their weapons were only marginally effective. Vampires were hardier than they looked. Magic, however, seemed to be just fine, especially the holy magic of Weiss. The Garricks said that cleric magic would be useful, and they were right.

In more moments the battle was over. Blood coated armor, the floor, their weapons, but the vampires were at their feet unmoving. Their labored breathing echoed off the stone walls as they waited for another attack…

Notes from a journal

“The message on the wall read “This paladin is dead.” I don’t know what it meant, but it sent a shiver down my spine. Something about the cold stone around us made the everything seem wrong somehow. Even the sight of treasure the likes of which I’d never seen failed to dispel my nerves. Only later, when I pulled a 4 inch long fang from my neck, did I understand the danger we’d put ourselves in by coming down into this nest. We can’t stop what we’ve started now, though. I’ll not shame myself in front of River, nor have Korvel calling me a coward till the end of days. If he can stare down a dragon, I can stand losing a mug or two of blood to these leeches. Fire and steel will do the trick, I say. And the help of whatever gods Weiss can convince to feel merciful.”


Gentle River, the tabaxi thief. 
Guinnein, the “human” warlock
Hadari, the elven gloom stalker ABSENT
Korvel the human battle master.
Krend the human berserker.
Weiss the aasimar death priest