Session 13 Recap: Kyle Public Library Adult Game

Gornsby Plumpwagon.
Storyteller of the Grand, Master Wordsmith.
Private audience with Lady Talarie, Duchess of Stars

The halls echoed with the sounds of running feet. Gentle River fled for her life from a pack of blood-crazed vampires, poor dear,  even as Doctor Weiss tried to speak to them. They had no words for him, only claws and teeth. Weiss kept insisting he wanted to join their ranks. Though Korvel, Krend, and River all tried to pull Weiss from the mass of leeches, they were too many and too strong. They all heard as his shouts of friendship turned to fear at the end. I have it on good authority that the being known as Weiss was actually from another world and was mad with homesickness.

The group tried to hold the line at the doorway. The bloodsuckers were strong and quick, willing to throw themselves at their enemies at just the chance for a mouthful of blood. As more and more slipped past the line, Korvel drank a potion he had long carried with him for just such an emergency. With a few chugs of arcane juice, his body began to grow until his head and shoulders brushed against the ceiling of the chamber. I could think of a few good uses for such an elixir. He pulled his trick just in time, as one of the vampires tackled River and knocked her unconscious. Guinnein and Hadari continued their onslaught from behind Korvel and Krend as the situation grew more desperate. Combining arrow, spell, and steel, the group cut the undead menace to the ground.

I should take a moment to explain, Your Grace. The vampire is a most potent foe, not only because it drains the very life from its victims, but mortal steel does not keep its edge against their tough hide. The truest way to end their wretched lives is with sunlight, and, well, these heroes didn’t happen to bring any suns down into those tunnels with them. Poor decision, that.

When the fight was over, and all that was left to do was stitch wounds and count bodies, River looked for Weiss in the pile. She found bits of him, here and there, and a suit of armor filled with his remnants. Whatever dreams he may have had of immortality through undeath ended there on the floor of that dungeon.

Of course, there’s more to the story, Your Grace….I can’t very well tell it to you, though, if you take my head in the morning….I see. I’m glad you’ve changed your mind, Your Grace, and might I say how lovely you look this evening. Yes, I’ll keep my gnome mouth shut. Thank you.

Gentle River, the tabaxi thief.
Guinnein, the human warlock
Hadari, the elven gloom stalker
Korvel the human battle master.
Krend the human berserker.
Weiss the aasimar death priest DECEASED