The time has come for a new chapter in the gaming group, and that new chapter has a lot of twists and turns. The original 1970s science fiction nonsense of Traveller RPG is here, with a wrinkle: Star Wars.

The group has been zooming along with Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, but sometimes we need another game for when the schedule gets funky. So in comes Traveller with its complicated character creation process, hard science fiction skeleton, and also laser guns.

Combine this with the ultimate space opera popular culture icon, Star Wars, and you get a beautiful combination. The stage is set. Our players sat down to make their characters with an open mind and some d6s.

There were some fits and starts, but after several hours of yucks and good times, we had a group set.

A hard-bitten Trandoshan mercenary specializing in boarding actions and withstanding punishment.

A promising human washed out of the Imperial Flight program and joined the Scout program to run ship routes among the stars.

A Bith nobleman with contacts in the merchant sector found his fortune, and his ship, in the junk fields of war-torn space.

A down-trodden Gungan freedom fighter spent his youth fighting the human interlopers on Naboo. Now, he has a new life away from the waters of his homeworld.

We’ll see what happens!