I don’t claim to be any master coder (or even a layman, really), but I did realize that the lack of scripting support for my Roll20 games made determining by-enemy criticals painfully slow, but that gorey aspect of WFRP wasn’t something I wanted to give up.

The answer? A little Javascript, some time in Discord coding channels, and a bit of beg, borrow, and steal from existing scripts. The end result- I bring you WFRP Combat scripts!

!Oops – Calculate an Oops! result.
!Critloc – Calculates critical location.
!Crithead, !Critbody, !Critarm, !Critleg – Calculate a critical result for the location of choice.

If you follow any of the commands with a number, such as !Crithead 79, it will return the result for that number (thanks to the boys in the Coding Core discord for helping me figure that one out).

If you’re a pro-member of roll20, you can use these scripts to pump out criticals and Oops! results at a faster rate. Just add the code from the repository into a custom script under your API scripts, then rock those crits!

Code: Github Link