Developments in the Twelve Duchies

New proclamations from the Court of Exalts declared all who would not openly declare their devotion to the Exalts would be marked as apostates, forfeiting all rights to protection under the law and subject to detention and prosecution by any that could perform the action. T

he Warriors Ascendant and their Abbess, Duchess Trioran of Dramont, could not abide the newly decided strictures, no matter their former deals with King Theodric. And so they issued a formal decree of defiance of the new rules, declaring the duchy a safe haven for all those who could not or would not bow before the Exalts in their gilded temples.

In response, King Theodric announced Trioran formerly stripped of lands, rank, and title. Her lands and seat would be given to another as soon as the former Duchess and her followers were rooted out of their strongholds and given to the pyre. There is once more open rebellion in the lands of the Twelve Duchies for the first time in seven years.